Commission on Ethics Opinions

The Nevada Commission on Ethics interprets and enforces the Nevada Ethics in Government Law set forth in NRS Chapter 281A through Requests for Opinions ("RFOs").

    Advisory Opinions

    Any public officer or employee may request a confidential advisory opinion (First-Party RFO) from the Commission regarding the applicability of his or her circumstances under the provisions of the Ethics in Government Law, including whether his or her specific circumstances constitute a conflict of interest and what course of action the public officer or employee should pursue in his or her official capacity as a result of a conflict of interest.

      Ethics Complaints

      The Commission or any member of the public may file a complaint against a public officer or employee alleging a violation of the Ethics Law (Third-Party RFO). If the Commission has jurisdiction regarding the RFO, it will conduct an investigation. If just and sufficient cause has been established from the investigation, the Commission will conduct a hearing and render an opinion in the matter.

        All published Commission Opinions are now available in a searchable format through the following link.