Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

The Nevada Commission on Ethics, by the authority granted under Chapter 281A of NRS, strives to enhance the public's faith and confidence in government by ensuring that public officers and public employees uphold the public trust by committing themselves to avoid conflicts between their private interests and their public duties.


    Guiding Principles

    1. Our highest priority is to protect the citizens of Nevada by interpreting and enforcing the provisions of the Ethics Law in a fair, consistent and impartial manner.
    2. We act with a high degree of integrity, honesty and respect when investigating and adjudicating public complaints alleging ethics violations by public officers and employees.
    3. We are committed to providing outreach and education to our Stakeholders (the public and public officers and employees) to enhance their awareness and understanding of ethics requirements and prohibitions under the Nevada Ethics law.
    4. Our objectivity, independence and impartiality are beyond reproach. We avoid all personal or professional circumstances or conflicts calling these into question.
    5. Our processes ensure all actions, decisions and policies are consistently applied and do not result in advantages or disadvantages to any party to the detriment of another.
    6. Our confidential advisory opinions are thoroughly researched and written with the needs of the requestor in mind and consistent with opinion precedent and applicable statutes including legislative intent.
    7. We carry out our duties in a rigorous and detailed manner and utilize the resources provided to us wisely and only for the legitimate purposes of the agency.
    8. We continuously challenge ourselves to improve the practices and processes of the agency to keep pace with the needs of the individuals we serve and to comply with legislative mandates.
    9. We continuously improve our public communication and public access to provide guidance and assistance to those we hold accountable for compliance.
    10. We value and respect the opinions and recommendations of our Stakeholders, Staff and Commission Members which guide us in our decision making.